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The access quest to the Abyss areas in Aion Online is quite tricky, so to get over with this part of the game I had to work with a few Aion quest guides. This quest is very important for any player, so as you reach level 25, you should leave all the other quests you're at, and start this quest chain. Entering the Abyss will grant you access to quests with enhanced XP and AP (Abyss Points) rewards, and most of the creatures here are excellent to grind on, for XP, AP, Kinah and PvP gear.

So, in this article, I'm going to put together all the steps for the Abyss entry quest for Elyos, information that I've gathered from the Aion quest guides I've been studying. Here's what you need to do.

As I said, as soon as you reach level 25, you become eligible for this quest, so stop everything else that you are doing and focus on completing it. At level 25, you will be given the quest "Testing Your Mettle", quest that starts the Abyss entry quest chain. You will need to go to the Sanctum and speak to Jucleas, the same guy who made you a Daeva. After the quick cutscene, the quest will update and you will be sent to speak with Rinos. This NPC can be found at the back of the Coliseum and after speaking with him, he will send you back to Jucleas to complete this part of the quest.

The second part of this quest chain, as I've learned from the Aion quest guides I worked with, is called "The Abyss Quiz". The NPCs for this part are at the Library of Sages, the Northern point of the Sanctum. They are Gromoros, Nestor and Xenophon. For this part, the 3 NPCs are going to ask you some questions and you will be given a for each question a set of 3 answers. The answers are pretty obvious, but I will write them here anyway, just in case you are not sure about one or two.

– Gromoros –

1s question – 1st answer – The Tower of Eternity's destruction;
2nd question – 2nd answer – It drains Aetheric Energy from Atreia;
3rd question – 1st answer – Third Statement Is false;

– Nestor –

1s question – 2nd answer – During the Cataclysm;
2nd question – 2nd answer – Was it not in Veteron ?;
3rd question – 1st answer – The Storm Legion, led by Deltras;

– Xenophon –

1s question – 3rd answer – The Guardian Deity General must be destroyed;
2nd question – 3rd answer – The Third Statement is false;
3rd question – 3rd answer – The Third Statement is false;

After finishing with the quiz, the quest will take you to Fuchsia. This NPC will give you a quest with three options as well. Always pick up "I will go to Eltnen" as this is the easiest. So, go to Eltnen Fortress and speak with General Telemachus for the next step. He will send you to kill 3 Roaring Monitors, found in the Putrid Mire, Foraging Kurin, found within the western part of Eiron Desert and Bighorn Baku at Ruberein Wasteland, South of Eiron Desert. Return to Telemachus and turn in the quest.

The last part of the Abyss entry quest for Elyos, as these Aion quest guides have shown me, will take you Daedalus, right outside of Eltnen Fortress. He will give you one last test. For this part, you will have to fly within 1:40 minutes through 6 portals. After you finish, speak with Daedalus, then with Telemachus to finish your quest and gain access to the Abyss.

Now, the Aion quest guides I've been working with did not just help me to with my access quest to the Abyss. I've also managed to improve my leveling time, maintaining a high and constant XP flow. Therefore, I strongly recommend them to anyone that wants to level faster and knock down the boring 50 Aion levels in short time.

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