Beware the Intellectual Warrior Fighter

There are intellectuals and warriors and they are of different breeds. But what happens when the warrior is also an intellectual – a doer and a studier, a man of action, honor, integrity and intelligence – what then? Should we fear this man? What might we call him? Alexander the Great was such a man and at the time he conquered the entire known world.

For good or for evil, he changed the map and he was the sum of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle’s teaching wrapped up in a warrior. A many who slept in until noon and conquered every army in every civilization. Beware the Intellectual Warrior Fighter.

Often we are to stand back in awe of brilliance and genius and the academic institutions that house them and propel their thought, but at the same time we are to respect and fear the warrior fighter who holds qualities of strength and honor and believes in winning, not weakness. Every once in a while all those qualities exist in a single individual and it should be readily apparent in observation – for they stand out above the crowd.

We should all beware when we see these individuals in our society and recall Alexander the Great’s memory, for within these anomalies of humanity, are drivers of such intensity and anything is possible in their midst. These are the men and women who know no limits in life, for they have the minds of Leonardo da Vinci and the strength and will of 100 men.

Are you an intellectual warrior or an aspiring intellectual warrior? Well if you wish to become one, you will need to study those who have come before you and accept the challenges that lie ahead.

Source by Lance Winslow

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