Countries Who Have the Most Amount of Gold As a Natural Resource

Many countries are lucky enough to have gold as a natural resource, and therefore produce it for manufacturing and exporting. Many people do not know where gold actually comes from, here is a brief explanation:

The largest gold producers in the world are South Africa, then the United States (where the majority of the metal is produced in Nevada), and lastly Australia. Gold is found in its natural form and is then taken to be manufactured in factories. These factories also melt down unwanted scrap gold and make it into items people will pay money for.

South Africa

The Witwatersrand basin in South Africa, commonly known as The Rand, has been the top source of gold globally for the last 120 or so years. 40% of gold found during this period has been sourced from The Rand. It is suspected by scientists that up to a third of the world’s un-mined gold still remains here.

United States

The second largest amount of the precious metal is produced in Nevada, in the US. There are other states in the US including Alaska, California and Colorado who also mine gold. In the US, mail-in campaigns are popular whereby customers get cash for gold they don’t want by sending it off. This shows just how big the gold industry is from sourcing, producing, buying and then selling.


The third largest producer of gold is Australia. Originally gold here was discovered in New South Wales near Ophir but is today mined in regions Pilbara and Goldfields-Esperance and Bendigo, Victoria. The Super-Pit mine is over eight square kilometres in Kalgoorie, which is the biggest open air Australian mine.

Throughout the history of the metal, these three countries have been the top producers. However, in recent years China has actually produced the largest amount of gold. This is because labour and production costs in China are lower so the production rate has increased despite the fact that the country has a lower natural source of gold. Gold prices have also hit a record high, making any gold much more valuable than ever before so investment in gold pieces has rocketed.

The gold industry has a fascinating history and there are many processes involved in creating any item made from the precious metal, from a multi-million dollar gold necklace to a collectors gold coin. It is advisable to keep any gold you possess and consider getting it valued as it may be worth a small fortune. This is common practice in the present day.

Source by Mischa Weston-Green

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