Delinquent Students – Who is to Be Blamed?

I can’t imagine the real factors that cause the students to cut classes and stay out of the classroom roaming around the school premises. Others stay at the canteen but not eating, at the library but not reading nor studying, some under the shades of tress setting on the benches. Why do these students prefer this actuation than to participate in the class discussions and interact with classmates in group activities?

By chance I talked to some of these students and they have different reasons. Some said they don’t have assignments and they are ashamed to be punished in front of their classmates. Others said their instructor is boring. Some said they’re not able to bring materials, and instruments to be used in their activity. Others said their friends invite them not to attend class in other words they intentionally don’t attended classes, the worst of all.

Are all these reasons are teacher or learner factor or family, peer influence, community, economic, social negligence? These things must be looked and attended upon because it is the future of this generation and its competitiveness is at stake. Some of those reasons are common to a high school student and others are quite alarming.

Those students that don’t attend classes because of non assignment sometimes are unacceptable. Students have enough time to do this task and punishment will never happen. Ashamed to be punished in front of their classmates is a common behavior of a high school student. This is a crucial stage is behavioral transformation from childhood to adolescence.

Those who have said they’re not able to bring materials and instruments to be used in their activity must put into consideration. Not all of the students are capable of immediately acquiring the requirements given by the teachers. Most parents who sent their children to public school are daily wage earner. They don’t have a fixed family income. Therefore, they are not financially stable. Teachers must be considerate enough to this matter and give alternative activity for those students so that they won’t go round and round the school campus. Pay attention education authorities.

The worst of all, are those who are just invited by friends not to attend classes and intentionally don’t attended classes. The role of teacher adviser and parents is badly in need in this particular situation. They must keep in touch most of the time updating the behavior of their students. The school administrators, guidance counselors, and other concern groups must find some appropriate solutions or programs with regards to this problem. In this scenario comes fraternities and others organizations that misleads the students. Thus, most of these students didn’t finished high school and became society’s delinquents. Once this happen, who is to be blamed?

Source by Michael Pamplina

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