HESI Practice Tests – How To Score Higher Than 900

So you are excited about being in your final year in nursing and are graduating in no time but you cannot get too happy as the HESI’s are looming. You may be wondering why you have to go through this exhausting process and the answer is simple. The HESI test is meant to measure your capacity to pass your final board exam, the NCLEX and they want to make sure that they can get an infallible pass rate. Which is why they will most likely tell you that you have to pass the HESI otherwise you do not get to take the final NCLEX and graduate. Usually, you will need to take a HESI practice test as preparation for the final HESI exam.

Now this is very frustrating issue for a lot of nursing students considering that they have gone through the academic program and now everything rests on a prep exam. A score of 850-900 on the HESI practice test but how do you manage to score above 900 to make it through?

The first thing is get a hold of past students and get their advice on what to expect. Some will even remember the questions that they struggled the most in and be able to give you the set up of the questions. Now most of these students will tell you that the actual test is something completely different form the text books that are available to help you pass so you will need to get a better idea of what is expected before you waste your time studying the wrong thing.

Practice makes perfect and this is the same for any test situation you may find yourself in. Do not be satisfied with just knowing your course material. The HESI tests critical thinking and clinical reasoning more than facts and the questions are worded in a somewhat complicated manner so they end up confusing you if all you have done is cram facts.

Find as many questions that are similar to the exam to ensure a higher score. Do as many questions as you can everyday and do not forget to use the CD that accompanies the texts that you may be prescribed. What most nursing graduates will tell you is that with the questions on the compact disk you tend to score lower. The HESI practice test is set to be much harder than the actual exam in order to prepare you better so do not be discouraged.

Remember that you will be taking the HESI practice test at least twice or thrice so go through the answers when you are done. The rationale for both the questions you got right and wrong will help you understand what is expected and thus a better chance of scoring higher.

The HESI practice test prepares you for the HESI which in turn is mean to prepare you for the NCLEX so take it seriously and be studious in your preparation for a better score and piece of mind.

Source by Claire Corter

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