How to Tell If She’s Wild in Bed – 2 Surefire Signs She’s a Freak in Bed (These Are Good!)

Okay guys…..let’s talk for a few minutes about how to tell if she’s wild in bed. I can HONESTLY tell you that one of the most common questions we get from our male readers is how to spot simple signs she’s A LOT of fun when the lights go off. (or come back on, too) The truth is, there are lots of little subtle, but SEXY signs she likes to have fun with her clothes off, and I’m going to give you some of the inside scoop to spot them fast! Read on.

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Did you know that women who can initiate, hold and maintain eye contact in social settings has been one of the TESTED precursors to HIGH sexual self esteem? It’s true…as the more CONFIDENCE she has in social situations, the sexier she feels….and the MORE you are going to benefit when the party heads back to YOUR place!

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There is LOTS of social science about body language, right? Well, I’ve got NEWS for you….much of it is a complete waste! Here is the REAL straight scoop on a woman who is sexually liberated and talented. Forget all of those simple and subtle “cues” you read so much about… want AGGRESSIVE and erotic body talk to tell you she likes it hot! Like what? A woman who will GRAB your arm….not gently brush it, a woman who WILL get in CLOSE when she talks ( and maintain eye contact to boot!) is a woman who ENJOYS lots of up close and personal physical affection and attention. ( both on the giving AND receiving end!)

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