Is PMI Risk Management Professional Certification Needed?

With a plethora of options to enhance your skills to better suit the corporate market, it is difficult to actually select and specialize in. Though some people recommend Six Sigma certifications, others are all in favor of appearing for PMP certification. However, if you are in the risk management industry, there is not much to debate over. In recent years there are specialized certifications that give you a competitive edge over your peers and with PMI-RMP certification, you’ll land yourself a plum position and higher caliber jobs.

The Professional Management Institute’s Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) is needed by a project risk management specialist. This credential is globally recognized and needed to help increase complexity, growth and diversity as well as in demand. The PMI-RMP show expertise in assessing project risks as well as identifying unique situations and threats. It helps the professional to capitalize on these situations and provides them with the important basic project management skills that help at these times.

Anyone that is interested in PMI-RMP should know what they need to do to earn it. Anyone that has the project risk management special skills is welcome to apply for this certification. Do you have a project team risk management specialist position? These individuals can apply. Do you want to improve your project management skills? These individuals should apply. Do you want to show your employers you have what it takes for this profession? Then you should try for the PMI-RMP credential.

There are requirements for applying for this credential. You need to have a four year degree, project risk management education of 30 hours and project risk management work of 3,000 hours. Other options are having at least a high school diploma, project risk management education of at least 40 hours and project risk management of no less than 4,500 hours.

When applying for PMI-RMP there are various elements that need to be known. You need to register. Get started by looking into the PMI online system and apply or fill out a handout of the PMI-RMP application. You can learn more about applying and preparing for the PMI-RMP credential by referring to the Handbook that will have complete details. When you are ready to take the exam then you need to start preparing all the work to start work with the exam.

Keep in mind that just because you finally earn your PMI-RMP you are not completed. You must maintain your credentials for this certification. This can be done by earning 30 PDUs every three years. There is more information for these requirements found in the Handbook. You can also visit Maintain Your PMI Certification. Various important details are provided about such elements as ideas for earning required PDUs and routine maintenance for PMI-RMP credentials. When you have earned your PDU you need to report them. Visit the CCR system at the PMI website to report your efforts. You can recount your efforts here and there are even PDU activity reporting forms available to print out to help keeping records easier.

Source by Lisa Wagner

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