Psychic Love Connections – How to Know If You Are Spiritually Connected to Someone You Love

Are psychic connections real? What sort of bond is built between two people who are in love? Can one person feel the pain of another from a distance? And if true… what does that tell us about the nature of life, love and everything else we experience on a daily basis?

The truth is, at least from our perspective… psychic love connections, for lack of a better word, are an amazing way to demonstrate that there is some unexplainable “quantum” connection between people, places and things that simply can’t be explained by skeptics, cynics and even modern mainstream science. (although that may be changing)

For example?

While it’s not a romantic one, the connection between twins is something that has been studies for years. No matter how many times science tells us that there is no real connection between them, you only need to see two twins in action to realize that there certainly IS some sort of bond between them that defies physical reality.

(especially in twins that don’t even know they have one – yet feel, sense and often mimic the lives of their other half – in adoption cases and so forth – very amazing, and hard to explain away as chance)

What about parents who psychically feel connected to their kids? (and often know when things are wrong… or in pain… even thousands of miles away) If you are a mother, you KNOW there is some sort of energy that binds you to your children… and some sort of psychic radar that picks up all sorts of signals that are often 100% right. (even if you have NO other psychic skills at all)

Or lovers who feel an incredible connection that sometimes transcends the physical… like in the very common cases of when people are visited by their loved ones who cross over or pass on… reportedly, something that happens to OVER 50% of all married couples over 60 who lose a partner. (an experience I had as well – although I’m much younger – and the person wasn’t a romantic relationship – but something that changed my life forever as a result)

The truth is, there is something in the universe, in the fabric of the cosmos – call it a consciousness connection or a karmic one, that binds people together in a way that you know when you feel it, EVEN if others think your nuts.

I believe that everyone reading this has a spiritual soulmate. Someone who came into this life to experience EVERYTHING you are meant to accomplish, together. That your life purpose, and your reason for being, is intimately interwoven with their own. Your job? Simply to open up your intuition to find them. To harness that psychic radar above… and let it guide you in the direction to finding that one true passion, and together… (and finally) living the life you were meant to, and loving every minute of it to boot!

Source by Angela Zoile

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