Top 3 Mistakes Women Make in Relationships and How to Understand Men Better!

Women tend to wait until something goes wrong before they try and fix it. Which is great, cause that is how you then learn not to make the same mistakes that caused it to go wrong. So after a man has broken up with us and we still feel deeply for him, its then best to try and find out how to understand men better so it can’t happen again. Break ups are caused from mistakes that are made in the relationship, whether they are hidden or obvious. After a break up we tend to feel a mixture of emotions and keep questioning ourselves, what did we do wrong? What is wrong with me? How or why did this happen?

Women have a natural tendency to try and make men better in their relationship. It comes with our nurturing, mothering, and our femininity. We can’t really do this with our partner though. As they already have a mother, they need a desirable partner!

Majority of women tend to blame the man for everything, and think if anything is wrong, it must be the mans fault. Or you could be the rest of women who think that they are all at fault and constantly go back over the relationship on what they could have done better or how they could have fixed it. They also constantly bring up the past, rather than letting it go and focusing on what to do that will make it better in the future.

The reality is, what’s done is done, but there are ways to go about fixing it for the next relationship or starting the process of slowly alluring him back. If you have already broken up and are desperate to get him back and believe he is the only one for you, there are certain methods you can use to get him back. But before you jump into doing that, just make sure it’s for all the right reasons. How often did you fight? Did he abuse you at all? Was he in love, or just dragging you along?

So now you need to recognize the mistakes that you made, and how to get a deeper understanding of men, so you know not to make the same mistakes again in the future.

Men are quite different from women, but majority usually leave a woman because of their OWN insecurities, fears, conflicts, issues, needs or fantasies. But the women can actually contribute to this environment of making it uncomfortable for the man in which to stay in.

How to understand men may seem difficult, but there are many books available that explain many truths about how men work!

The Top 3 mistakes women make contributing to the break up can be as follows:

1. They don’t fully understand the emotional needs of a man or they ignore them!

Men don’t think like women and most women think that they do, so get frustrated. Don’t give him what YOU think he needs emotionally. His emotional needs will depend on the environment that surrounds your relationship, so it’s important to be aware of how you handle every issue and conversation with your man. Women have to learn how to behave in such a way that they bring no threat to his ego, trigger hidden insecurities or low self-esteem, make the man think you are controlling him or bring about painful issues and conflicts up from the past. So even if the woman thinks shes doing something gracious for the man, it may be too much for him emotionally. Remember, he wants to be your hero, not the other way around.

2. They are constantly trying to fix the man!

Don’t focus on his potential, see the current reality. How can you really love someone who you’re constantly trying to change? Imagine how you would feel if he was trying to change you all the time? You have to learn how to be the woman that makes him want to be a better man. Inspire him to change through his own ideas.

3. Women bring too much ‘drama’ into a relationship. Learn to laugh & have more fun!

Create a casual and fun environment around yourself. A woman’s smile has been voted hundreds of times as the number one attraction to a man – so use it! Don’t take things too seriously all the time. Smiling shows that you are happy and confident with your life and pleased to have him in it. Drama is seen a lot in movies based on a relationship, but that is put in to keep the up excitement, and shouldn’t be used in reality. All men must know by now the words… “We need to talk”. This phrase will make the man want to run, as he tends to think, what have I done now? What am I not satisfying her with? Men are particularly sensitive to emotions and when they become too high, they will start to shrivel up inside. Most men can tolerate this to some degree, but only for so long. Don’t be the person who constantly brings up every little thing he’s done wrong, or be constantly talking negatively about people, events, etc. That will create too much drama. Doesn’t it feel good to be around people who are happy, enthusiastic and positive? What environment would you rather be in?

So the bottom line is to try and develop a deeper understanding of your man. Listen and observe more as to what moves and inspires him, what scares him and what makes him want to be with a woman forever?

But the great news is that it’s better known for women to have majority of power in a relationship, and be able to sway a man by understanding his thinking, so he then will want to do nearly anything she wants. Let him be the one to bring up the serious relationship conversation, because he will if you’re too good to lose.

Source by Lauren McEachran

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