Why Is Mastering Spanish Verb Conjugation So Important?

Learning Spanish is an enjoyable experience however it can take a good deal of time to achieve a good working knowledge of the language. One area of learning Spanish that often causes more problems than most and is, in part, responsible for many individuals taking the decision to quit learning the language is Spanish verb conjugation.

Verbs are a vital part of every language and being able to use them correctly makes the difference between being understood and confusing whoever you are speaking to. Spanish verbs are conjugated in such a way that they can express who is performing an action and when they are performing it in a single conjugated verb.

There are three reasons why Spanish verb conjugation is so difficult and they are:

1. There are three different groups of verbs, those that end in -ar, -er and -ir. Although, -er and -ir verbs share a lot of similarities in how they are conjugated, -ar verbs are completely different.

2. There are many different tenses, at least twelve that you will use regularly, all having their own specific formation and all of which you will need to learn.

3. Finally, just when you think it cannot get any more difficult there are irregular verbs. In Spanish, there are a large number of Spanish verbs, some books and courses state that you will only need to learn about twenty or so, but believe me when I tell you that you will need to learn many more than that during your studies.

Irregular verbs, or rather, the learning of the conjugation of irregular verbs, is the most difficult part of learning Spanish. Not only are there many highly irregular verbs that have totally unique patterns of conjugation but many of them are also used in regularly used idioms and expressions that to an English speaker make absolutely no sense at all!

So…having explained why learning Spanish verb conjugation is so difficult and why having a good working knowledge of them is so important, you may be wondering if there is an easy way to learn them?

There is only one way to learn the conjugation patterns of Spanish verbs and that is to memorize each of them which will require a lot of hard work. Ever since languages first started being studied the only way to perform this mammoth task was to continually recite each verb conjugation until they were etched into the memory, which was a long and laborious task.

As it was impossible to make this task any smaller or make the conjugations any less complicated to learn the only way to learn them more efficiently was to look at new ways of memorizing them and this is where verb training software has made a huge difference.

There are now software programs that will speed up the process of learning Spanish verb conjugation and that make the task of doing so far less arduous and much more enjoyable and if your goal is to learn Spanish as quickly and with as few hiccups as possible then verb training software is an absolute necessity.

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